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Connecting The future

A diversified and inclusive talent Marketplace

Our story is one of ambition to make it simple and straightforward to connect, collaborate and get any job done anytime, anywhere. With the new wave of creative and flexible talent, why rely on old ways of working when we can transform everyone's experience by creating a diversified and inclusive flexible workforce with endless innovative possibilities. That's the founding principle of Uktal- a talent marketplace connecting the future-ready workforce.

The future of work is flexible and remote, and Uktal.com is home to a world-class talent pool ready to be engaged remotely and locally. We create new ways to work, take the guesswork out with upfront pricing and help to shape the future of flexible British experts ready to work. Our model makes it easy to hire talents on hourly or fixed-price bases, and our screening process identifies the best expert for the right job.

Uktal has been connecting creative talent and small companies with quality collaborative workflow solutions that reduce cost and hassle since 2019.


360 Flexible Workers

Commitment to
Choice and

Uktal is designed to make it simple for clients to have the ultimate choice of talent and to streamline workflow between the parties. Our interactive tools make for more efficient collaboration, and payment is released only when a client is satisfied with the job done. Our goal is to make there’s always a happy ending to every assignment. Join the Community.


We work very hard to improve the overall value of flexible jobs, help build productive remote teams and improve the quality of services for both freelancers and employers. We want to go beyond matching employers with quality local talent and build great confidence that would enable long-term collaborations and trust.