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As flexible working continues to gain more mainstream popularity, more companies and individuals are looking to hire freelancers for long-term or full-time assignments. Uktal connects you with employers and makes it easy for you to focus on what you love to do. Maybe you are actively searching for work, or traditional employment may not fit well with your lifestyle. As long as you have some knowledge and skills, Uktal allows you to build your profile, portfolio and price. Being the UK focused talent marketplace, Uktal helps you set more ways to work and earn online ad offline, and to find the solution that suits you.


How Do I Earn?

1. Project Rate

Get paid for executing a project to the satisfaction of a client.

2. Per Hour Rate

Charge clients for projects or tasks carried out on hourly basis

3. Winning Bid

Bid on listed projects or quote your price for a specific job

4. Fixed Rate

List your service for a price or charge fixed price for the entire project

How Do I Get Started?

1. Create Account

It's free to sign up. There are no contracts or hidden fees.

2. Build Profile

Select your professional skills or services you can offer.

3. Verify Identity

Follow up with background and eligibility check.

4. Post Service

Add your micro services or find service requests.

Traditional workplace models could soon be a thing of the past. Flexible freelancers are transforming the way we work.

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Lisa did a great job. She agreed instantly to come the next morning and showed up on time. She did a fantastic job that we could never have managed to do otherwise, and she had everything done within a few hours. Lisa was simply great"
Claire M.