Fees & Charges

Free Registration

Presently, there is no rmembership or sign-up fee for any user to join the platform. For Clients and Employers, it is free to post jobs, request and get quotes from Freelancers. For Freelancers, it is free to complete your profile, search for work and create your portfolio and offer your services on the platform. However, this free membership is subject to change without notice.

Service Fees

Freelancers set their own prices. Clients or Employers that receive proposals from  freelancers on Uktal.com must review their profile and portfolios and discuss the project’s requirements on the platform. If a Client or Employer decides to award the project, and the Freelancer accepts, we handle the service agreement and payment. The payment is held until the job is completed. The project amount is released to the Freelancer Wallet when the client confirms the completion of the job. We charge a small commission of 8% (excl. VAT) as Service Fee for fixed-price projects. The Service Fee is based on a freelancer’s earnings with each client.

Other Charges

There are no hidden feen fees or charges, but be aware that additional fees may be incurred for using our optional featured add-ons. However, we do not impose any fee without your prior knowledge and acknowledgment. Additional fees may be levied when you withdraw money by your bank or third party agencies. This is beyond our control. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for any cost incurred by a Client or  Employee traceable to your negligent act or omission.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

The fees and charges are governed by our Terms and Conditions. If you are trading in the UK you can get VAT registered which allows you to claim back VAT from HMRC quarterly. To find out how to get VAT registered please visit hmrc.gov.uk. Our fees and charges are subject to review from time to time.